Independence, fairness and competence in interpreting and applying laws are founding principles of our judicial system.  To accomplish these important goals, the everyday activities of an appellate court judge include researching, writing, and thinking deeply about justice for each case presented in accordance with applicable laws. I've enjoyed researching and writing throughout my career of more than twenty years, and I have continually sought to broaden my knowledge and professional experiences to better serve clients and understand our legal system.        

As a lawyer, I have represented people in personal injury cases, family law matters, child abuse and neglect cases, and criminal defense matters, among others.  Some cases were resolved without court involvement and others traveled through the judicial system until finally being resolved at either the trial or appellate level.  Case by case, I enjoyed working with each client, providing representation from the very beginning to the end of the process.  

I come from a large family that includes doctors, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, lawyers and other professions that are centered upon serving and helping people. My family taught me lessons about respecting hard work and being caring and compassionate to all.  I'm a life long El Pasoan and have enjoyed living and raising three grown children in this far West Texas community.  My husband Craig and I enjoyed our free time volunteering as AYSO soccer coaches and later serving as directors or volunteers of football and volleyball booster clubs.  We've spent hours in gyms and on football fields and traveled many miles to support teams competing in tournaments across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and other places.  I'm an appreciative fan of competitive sports activities and the lessons learned about fairness, competition, integrity, and personal growth through teamwork.

More recently, I decided I wanted to learn more about expanding the reach of the number of people that I could be helping through my occupation.  To learn more about public policy development and implementation, I enrolled in a masters degree program at the University of Texas at El Paso - Institute of Public Policy and Economic Development.  During this period, I also taught ethics and business law to accounting undergraduates and MBA students of the university.  For a term, I served as a Commissioner of the El Paso County Ethics Commission.  And, I also volunteered time as a member of the board of Homegrown El Paso, a not-for-profit organization that helps promote small businesses with deep El Paso roots.  

Once I completed my studies and earned an MPA degree, I looked for opportunities to combine law and public policy and work within one of the many public institutions of this area.  I found an opportunity at University Medical Center of El Paso, a highly accredited level-one trauma hospital that serves as a public safety net institution and academic teaching facility for our community.  Working alongside nurses, doctors, administrators, and others, my position involves researching, writing, and helping people within our complex healthcare system.  I work with federal and state laws interacting in the area of health care delivery and financing.  My main focus is ensuring that UMC achieves financial success with its projects that are designed to improve the delivery of health care --- to deliver right care, at the right time, at the right place.  

The Eighth Court of Appeals interests me because it also provides an opportunity to research and write for a public institution for the benefit of our community.  It's an important court to this region and we, the people, deserve to elect justices that reflect our values, that are fair and independent, and that are willing to strive to enhance and maintain confidence in the legal system.  I'm asking for your support for the Democratic nomination for Justice of the Eighth Court of Appeals.  

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gina M. Palafox